In Chhattisgarh, under the Godan Nyaya Yojana, women self-help groups are earning income from their efficient management by preparing manure and other products from cow dung. Economic activities are being conducted by the Jai Lakshmi Women’s Self Help Group under the Dungania SLR Center of Raipur Municipal Corporation. The group has produced 6 thousand 412 kg of fertilizer till May 15, out of which 3 thousand 570 kg of fertilizer has earned income of 35 thousand 700 rupees, while the Municipal Corporation Raipur has given additional financial assistance (VGF) as this One lakh two thousand rupees have been given to the group. The group has also earned an income of Rs 26 thousand 355 from the sale of cow dung wood and kande, as well as a dividend of Rs 5 thousand 895 has been given to the group till 15 March.

It is worth mentioning that the groups manufacturing manure and other items from cow dung in Gothan have been formed on the basis of self-sufficient model. These groups have been given the right that the money received from the sale of all products made from cow dung such as manure, kande, wood is transferred to their account.