Two get life imprisonment in UP for killing man in 2004

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court Tuesday upheld life imprisonment to a man for brutally killing two minors by administering them celphos, a pest control fumigant.

A bench of Justices Indu Malhotra and Ajay Rastogi noted that the accused was in a relationship with the mother of the two kids and had taken away the life of innocent children at the very threshold of their life.

“It is true that the punishment of remainder of natural life could not have been imposed by the learned trial Judge but after looking into the entire case, we consider it appropriate to confirm the sentence of imprisonment for life to mean the remainder of natural life while upholding the conviction under Section 302 IPC,” the bench said.

The top court dismissed the appeal filed by the Gauri Shankar who was found guilty of committing the murder of two minor children aged 4 and 2 in brutal manner by administering celphos to them.

After being convicted by trial Judge, and confirmed by the High Court on appeal, Gauri challenged the order in the apex court.

According to the prosecution, complainant Anju was married to Ajay Kumar and they had two children.

Kumar was an alcoholic and died.

Shankar was living in Anju’s neighbourhood and he allegedly enticed and brought her along with her two children to Punjab where the incident took place.

Shankar used to quarrel with Anju, frequently beat the children and used to proclaim that he did not like them as they were not his own and that some day he would kill both of them.

On March 18, 2013, Anju returned home from temple and saw both her children lying on the cot struggling for life.

The accused told her that he had given poisoned the children.