Various employment and self-employment oriented trainings are being conducted by Maa Danteshwari and Ma Gayatri Self Help Group of National Rural Livelihood Mission “Bihan” in Bastar district to connect women groups with employment and self-employment. In the direction and guidance of the district administration, a number of trainings are being conducted in the district to make women of the group self-employed, livelihood and self-reliant. In this episode, women of self-help group of village Sandra of development block Bakavand are being taught to make hand made incense sticks and incense sticks. It is noteworthy that demand of hand made incense is more in people than machine made incense sticks.
Thirty needy women of village Sandra have been trained by NRLM to make handmade incense sticks under the guidance of Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat Mr. Indrajit Chandrawal. During the training, they are also being taught about market demand and supply, storage and shipping, as well as the manufactured materials are being kept for sale by the trainee women in the haat-bazaars and shops of the district. The nuances of trade are being explained to women. Soon, incense sticks and incense sticks made by women self-help will also be made available in the online platform.

NRLM Nodal Officer Neha Dewangan said that a stall was also set up for sale of incense sticks by women in the shanties and fairs held in the district in the past. During this time, women were also taking suggestions from people so that quality could also be improved as per requirement. Hand-made incense sticks have received a good response, which is bound to increase the enthusiasm of women. Apart from the market, incense sticks are being made from Bastar Dhoop, Gobhan, herbs, mosquito incense sticks and cow dung.