Sale of vermi compost has started in the Gauthans of Kanker district. Vermi compost is being prepared by the women self-help group from cow dung purchased in Gothan, which is being sold to farmers and government agencies through cooperative societies. A person desirous of purchasing vermi compost first has to obtain a slip or token by going to the cooperative society of his area and after that he has to go to the Gauthan Samiti to show the slip, on the basis of which he is given vermi compost from Gauthan. .
So far, 308 quintal vermi compost of Rs. 02 lakh 46 thousand 400 has been sold from Gauthans in Kanker district. 35 quintals in Harangarh Gowthan of Koylibeda development block, 47 quintals in Karramad of Durgukondal and 03 quintals in Dangra, 35 quintals in Pudgaon of Antagarh, 40 quintals in Garhchhichwadi of Kanker, 35 quintals in Mungwal of Bhanupratappur, 40 quintals in Manpur and 40 quintals of Kanharpur in Narharpur. In 07 quintal, 27 quintal in Lakhanpuri of Charama, 26 quintal in Charama, 15 quintal in Bhuigaon and 15 quintal vermi compost from Gauthan in Tarasgaon have been sold at the rate of Rs 08 per kg. Currently 799 quintal vermi compost is available for sale in 42 Gothans of the district, which have been packed in 30 kg, 05 kg and 02 kg bags.