After the interlock, trains of different routes are gradually starting to operate. After nine months, it has been announced to start three trains connecting the cities of Uttar Pradesh with Chhattisgarh again. In this, two trains will run two days a week from Durg-Kanpur to Durg-Nautanwa. A train will travel from Allahabad-Varanasi to Nautanwa. The second train will go via Faizabad route. With the introduction of these trains, a large number of passengers going to different cities of Uttar Pradesh will get the facility. Sarina Railway has released the time of all three trains.

Additional bi-weekly special train between Durg-Kanpur will be operated with 08203 number. This train will run every Sunday and Tuesday from January 10. Similarly, Kanpur-Durg with number 08204 will run every Monday and Wednesday from January 11 until further notice. It will leave Durg at 8.10 pm and reach Raipur station at 8.50 pm. From here, Tilda, Bhatapara, Uslapur, Pendrarod, Anuppur, Shahdol will go to Kanpur. The train from opposite direction will leave at 5.40 pm and reach Raipur at 11.55 am the next day. It will have three general, seven sleepers, six AC-three, one AC-two and one AC-one cum AC-two coaches.