The scion of the erstwhile Surguja royal family TS Singhdeo is the richest leader in Chhattisgarh across all political parties, but his rare decent behaviour with people from all walks of life makes him the most civilized politician of the State.

The 66-year-old Congress leader has been credited to bring his party back to power after 15 years, in recently concluded polls for a 90-member State Legislative Assembly because of a meticulously drafted election manifesto in which he absorbed inputs of people belonging to every age, gender and social group.

The powerful Minister Singhdeo who narrowly missed out CM post to his beloved colleague Bhupesh Baghel, is a “royal man with royal thought”.  In an era being dominated by arrogant politicians who love to ignore or insult people, Singhdeo is a living example how to interact and behave with common people.

Having assets worth over Rs 500 crore, Singhdeo sets example for other politicians by his unprecedented decent and dignified interaction style with commoners and has also passion to help people financially in need of hour.

Singhdeo who is mostly branded as TS Baba, has hardly any enemy in political circle in central India and is regarded as the most respected gentleman in Chhattisgarh as well as in its parent State Madhya Pradesh mainly because of his non-controversial image and highly civilized communication style.

 “He is a large-hearted man who maintains nice body language while interacting with anyone. He belongs to a rare breed of politicians in an era where politicians mostly hit headlines for arrogant behaviour and insulting downtrodden people or political opponents,” remarked a senior leader of the Opposition BJP who belongs to his home turf Surguja region.