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JAIPUR: Unlike his party bosses, Rajasthan Congress president Govind Singh Dotasara asserted that no one can deny that Veer Savarkar had participated in the freedom struggle and even went to jail for the sake of the motherland.

The Congress leader’s acceptance of Savarkar as a freedom fighter is being seen as crossing the party line.

Speaking at an event in Jaipur on the occasion of August Kranti Diwas on Monday, Dotasara said “we can’t deny that Savarkar did not play any role in country’s freedom struggle. He used to talk about Hindu Rashtra but it was not wrong at that time as our country was not independent and our Constitution was not formed.” 

Dotasara’s remarks ignited a huge political row. Dotasara’s remarks have given the BJP an opportunity to embarrass the ruling Congress. 

The BJP claimed that Dotasara’s statement directly implies that he recognizes the contribution of Savarkar in the freedom struggle and the truth about Savarkar is finally being accepted by Congress leaders such as Dotasara. 

The Congress has attacked Savarkar for decades. In reality, the Hindutva ideologue played a major role in freeing the country and the truth cannot be hidden anymore – as Dotasara’s remarks reflect. 

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Former state BJP president Ashok Parnami welcomed Dotasara’s comment and said: “The truth has finally came out from Dotasara’s tongue. Veer Savarkar was instrumental in liberating the country and such truth cannot be denied for long.” 

For a long time, the Congress had been calling Veer Savarkar as an insider of the then British government. As he is now accused of crossing the party line, Dotasara has clarified that his remarks have been twisted by the BJP to suit its political aims.   

Claiming that the country got independence because of people who believed in the ideology of the Congress, Dotasara said he had not said anything against the Congress’s view on Savarkar. He argued: “The kind of ideology, work, and thoughts that Savarkar had, if we read them in history books, then we find that he talked about a Hindu nation, which was not a sin before independence as at that time, our country was not free and the Constitution was not in force.

“However, after our country became independent, the Constitution was adopted and people of every caste and religion accepted it, the BJP and the RSS conspired to use Savarkar’s ideology to create disharmony and make brothers fight against each other. We are against this ideology.” 

The Rajasthan Congress chief also said, “we have to understand that Savarkar went to jail at that time and no one can deny this. But, after going to jail, he urged the British four times to set him free, explaining his usefulness to the British. It is recorded in history books.”