Amidst the growing corona infection in the world, there is a lot of controversy about the vaccine. Many countries are engaged in making Corona vaccine, while some countries have also claimed to make Corona vaccine.

Meanwhile, according to a report by Britain’s Oxfam, some rich countries have already booked more than half the doses of the potential vaccine for the corona virus. Only 13 percent of the global population lives in these countries. 

At the same time, the remaining 2.6 billion vaccine supplements have been booked by countries like India, Bangladesh and China. US President Donald Trump has said on Wednesday that he will start rolling out the Corona vaccine in the US next month. However, a top health officer present in his administration said that by the middle of 2021, the corona vaccine may come.

It is noteworthy that Corona continues to wreak havoc in many countries of the world. The number of people infected with this virus in the world has increased to 30,038,411. So far, over 2.18 crore patients have been cured due to corona epidemic worldwide.