The effect of continuously accelerating economic activity, after the start of unlock in Chhattisgarh, is also getting reflected in  the registries of documents in the state. As compared to the month of June last year, 17 percent more revenue was received in the month of June this year, while the registration of documents has also increased by 19 percent.

 These figures show that Chhattisgarh’s economy remained dynamic due to the measures taken by the state government during the Covid-19 pandemic period under the leadership of Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel. The state also recorded a rapid economic growth in the agricultural sector during the crisis period, which was also appreciated by the Reserve Bank of India. In the field of employment, the flow of money between the common people was continuous due to the operation of large scale employment-oriented works and regular payment through MGNREGA in the villages. Meanwhile, direct assistance was provided to the farmers of the state  through the Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyay Yojana. The state government also granted concessions to the industries during the Corona crisis. Farm-based commercial activities also continued unabated. Due to which the economy of the state remained strong.

 In the month of June 2019, revenue of Rs 107.53 crores was received from the registration of documents, whereas in the year of June 2020 of this year, the revenue receipts of Rs 125.74 crores have been received by the government.  In June last year, 23,391 documents were registered, while 27,759 documents were registered in June this year. Due to the odd circumstances caused by Covid-19 pandemic, the work of registration of documents was affected along with other activities during the lockdown, in view of this, special arrangements were made in the registration offices by the government for the convenience of the parties. In the month of June, the system of three appointments every three hours was implemented for registration of documents, so that the registration of documents can be done with speediness.