To facilitate refund investors from chitfund company Pearl Agrotech Corporation Limited, the Collector Dr. Basavaraju S. on the directives of the District Panchayat, all the district panchayat offices and all the zonal offices of Raipur municipal corporation have been started.

The last date of application for SEBI has been increased from April 30 to July 31. Collector Dr. Basavaraju S. has said that the applicants of Raipur district who have not been able to apply till date have been required to submit necessary documents in the service center for all the municipal zonal offices, district panchayat raipur or related district panchayat offices for their refund till July 31. Can be present online and apply online.

     The CEO of the District Panchayat said that in Raipur district, 3 thousand 362 people have so far submitted applications for obtaining claim amounting to 20 million 20 lakh 24 thousand 710 rupees. In this, 306 people of the Arang Janpad Panchayat have applied to them that 77 lakh 61 thousand 634 rupees have been deposited to PACL and Rs. 1 crore 76 lakh 54 thousand 912 have to get the claim amount. Similarly, 1221 people of Abhanpur Janpad Panchayat have applied for application that they have deposited 4 crore 17 lakh 32 thousand 360 rupees and they have to get the claim of 8 crore 42 lakh 79 thousand 946 rupees.

      897 people of Raipur have applied in which they have deposited Rs.3772 lakhs 18 thousand and they will get the claim of 6 crore 45 lakh 43 thousand 956 rupees.
In Beirgon, 255 people have deposited 87 lakhs, 22 thousand rupees and they have to get 90 lakhs of claimed and in Tilda district, 622 people have deposited 1 crore 37 lakh one thousand 220 rupees and they have to get Rs 2 crore 26 lakh 31 thousand 196 claims, 61 people of Dharsinva Janpad Panchayat have deposited 21 lakh 89 thousand 918 and they have 39 Millions of rupees 14 thousand 700 are required to get the claim.

    CDO said that the applicants who had not been able to apply till now had been present in these service centers with their PACL certificate and voucher, pen number, canceled check, applicant’s photo and bank account passbook at the time of the office for their refund. You can apply for free online application.