Like Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh has also joined the effort to reduce the VAT on petrol and diesel, while the central government is firm on not cutting down. Some officials are pointing out that the government does not want the revenue to decrease because it will have a bad effect on the good schemes, whereas in the past, anti-parties have supported the call of the Congress on behalf of the Congress. The BJP is responsible for global conditions for the increase in prices of petrol and diesel. Law and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad had said that we are with the people for this problem and are trying to overcome the problem and it is a full hope that the issue will be resolved. Government officials said that the tax will not be deducted from the center, as the reduction of 2 rupees will reduce the government revenue from Rs 28,000 crore to 30,000 crore rupees. Despite this, many states have the possibility of reducing VAT, with which prices will not fall without impact on the revenue of the Center.