fter smartphones, Xiaomi’s sub-brand Redmi is gearing up to launch smart TVs. The company is already working on two smart TVs. Earlier on Friday, a leak revealed some key details about the Redmi TV. The leak revealed that there will be two Redmi TVs and not one as rumoured previously. One is a 70-inch screen TV while the other one is a smaller TV and sports 40-inch screen. The Redmi TV 70-inch has already received certification from 3C. This hints at the imminent launch of the 70-inch Redmi TV.

The Redmi TV with 70-inch screen may come before the 40-inch model. This is clearly because the 70-inch Redmi TV has made its way to the 3C certification site already. The smart TV has been spotted on the certification site with model number L70M5-RA. Sadly, the certification listing doesn’t reveal any further details about the Redmi TV, not even the launch timeline.

Leaks and rumours suggest that both the Redmi TVs will come with 4K UHD screen. The leaks have also suggested that the Redmi TVs will cost very cheap. Both of them. Having said that it won’t be wrong to say that Redmi will apply its smartphone strategy to its upcoming smart TVs. This means expect both the Redmi TVs to offer good value for the money.

It could be possible that the upcoming Redmi smart TVs will be much cheaper than Mi TVs that are one of the cheapest smart TVs available in the market right now. Leaks also suggest that both the upcoming Redmi smart TVs will have the same specs and offer 4K UHD screen in order to deliver better and enhanced visual experience to the users.