It is necessary to know what is behind the truth of Kanak Tiwari’s resignation. Kanak Tiwari had caused a serious crisis and constitutional crisis for his activities from the government. The Tribune Rao Salt Advocate Against the restriction of Constitutional post on Kanak Tiwari The government advocate had submitted a petition to the appointment, in which Kanak Tiwari had personally formed the party, in this case In view of the seriousness of the case, the Honorable High Court had also copied the copy of the order passed by Kanak Tiwari in the Hon’ble High Court, in this matter, Kanak Tiwari informed the State Government Additional Advocate General Ms. Fozia Mirza was presented in the matter when the state of affairs of the seriousness of the matter came to the notice of all matters It was observed that Kanak Tiwari has passed the order in a manner that has created serious constitutional crisis for the government, in the above circumstances and in view of the facts of the case, it was remembered that Kanak Tiwari ji The government had to face constitutional crisis, which had made the activity against the constitutional limits before the court and the government The dilemma was complete as to how to end this matter. In the above circumstances, the fact that Kanak Tiwari’s resignation does not make any difference does not make any difference, the fact is whether Kanak Tiwari ji Insulting the constitutional limitations, the state government in confidence and without informing the Law Department, in the case against him, When the government had ordered additional Phojia Mirza to do so, they had to go out of this position in some form due to the government having no other option and ultimately this happened.