The process of construction of the temple of Ramlala, enshrined in Ramjanmabhoomi, is proceeding after the Bhoomi Pujan on behalf of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The construction of the temple will be done in a phased manner. Firstly, the technique of moving the foundation down to two hundred feet is being churned. Research in this technique includes technical experts from the working organization Larsen and Toubro (L&T) as well as experts from IIT, Chennai. Planning will be done after the foundation design is finalized.

The foundation of the temple will be on the foundation,
the general secretary of Ramjanmabhoomi shrine, Champat Rai, says that the strength of the foundation will determine the maximum age of the temple. In such a situation, caution is being exercised in the use of technology. He said that this work is similar to the process of installing the pillars during the construction of bridges in the rivers. He explains that the major difference between the excavation of the foundation and the column of the river in the Ramjanmabhoomi complex is that iron is melted below the surface of the river in the column of the river. Whereas the foundations of the temple will not melt iron, but will be concrete. He said that the strength of two hundred fit soil has been tested in the first phase.

of the sanctum sanctorum will start after the completion of the foundation work. Construction of the sanctum sanctorum of the seated Ramlala will begin after the completion of the foundation work. This construction will be done according to the previously proposed model. The stone carving for the first floor, including the sanctum sanctorum of the Ram temple to be built from the red stones of Bansipahar, Rajasthan, has already been completed. The long-cut stones have been systematically placed in a workshop in Ramghat, which can be started at any time by sequentially picking and placing them in the place. This work will take minimum time but the foundation work is complicated.

After Corona, the rain may become the
path of construction of the temple in the villainous Ramjanmabhoomi, on 5 February 2020, with the formation of a pilgrimage area trust by the Central Government was cleared. Nevertheless the Corona crisis became a major obstacle. This crisis does not appear to be present. Despite this, the pilgrimage area trust made Ramlala iconic in the new building within the stipulated time. Before starting further construction, time was sought to do Bhoomi Pujan in the hands of Prime Minister Narendra Modi but due to the spread of Corona, Prime Minister Modi’s time could not be decided from the Prime Minister’s Office. On August 5, after the Bhoomi Poojan, the rain has started stalling in the deep digging of the foundation.