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LUCKNOW: Quoting a chaupai (couplet) from Ramcharitmanas — “Siya Ram-may sab jag jaani, karahu param jor jug paani” which means “we should accept the whole world with respect considering it Godly. We should see Goddess Sita and Lord Ram in every human being. Ram is of everyone and Ram is in everyone,” this is how President Ram Nath Kovind summed up the relevance of Lord Ram and his character for humanity in present day world.

The President expressed his views on Lord Ram and his rule (Ramrajya) while inaugurating a conclave on the epic Ramayana during his day-long visit to Ayodhya on Sunday.

“Publicity of Ramayana is important because the inherent values of life it offers will always remain relevant for humanity. Along with philosophy, Ramayana also offers the model code of conduct that guides us in all aspects of our life,” said the President.

President Ram Nath Kovind, accompanied by First Lady Savita Kovind, arrived in the temple town by a special presidential train from Lucknow in the morning. He was received in the temple town by UP Governor Anandiben Patel and CM Yogi Adityanath.

Emphasising the importance of Lord Ram in the context of the city, President Ram Nath Kovind took to Twitter and wrote, “The popularity of Ram Katha is not only in India but worldwide. There are many readable forms of Ramkatha, including Ramcharit-Manas of Goswami Tulsidas in north India, Kritivas Ramayana in the eastern part of India, Kamban Ramayana in the south.”

He added that there was neither discrimination in ‘Ramraj’, nor was there a law of punishment. “The lines of Ramcharitmanas give hope.”

President Ram Nath Kovind further said, “Without Ram, Ayodhya would not be Ayodhya.Ayodhya exists where there is Ram. Lord Ram resides permanently in this city, and hence, in the true sense, this place is Ayodhya.”

The president also congratulated the chief minister and his team for starting the conclave. “I commend CM Yogi Adityanath and his team for the campaign that has been launched by UP Govt today to take Ramayana to common people through art and culture by organising Ramayana Conclave,” said the President.

Relating himself to Lord Ram, the president said that when his parents named him, they might have had the same reverence for Lord Ram.

During his visit to Ayodhya, the President laid foundation stones of various projects of Department of Culture and Tourism and inaugurated Ramayana circuit being developed under the ‘Swadesh Darshan Scheme’.

He was given the  presentation of the construction process of Ram Janmabhoomi and the progress of RamMandir in the making. Before winding up his visit, the President offered special prayers at Hanumangarhi temple and at the temple of Ram Lalla on the premises of Ram Janmabhoomi.

He also planted saplings in the premises of Ram Janmabhoomi. President Kovind is the only president of India to visit Ayodhya.