A month has been completed for the farmers’ agitation (Farmer Protest) protesting on the Delhi border regarding Farm Laws 2020. The farmers are adamant about their demands. The response of Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has come for the first time on agricultural laws. Rajnath Singh said, ‘Let the agricultural laws be implemented for one year. If these do not prove to be beneficial for the farmers, then we are ready to make necessary amendments in it.

Addressing a rally in Delhi on Friday, Rajnath Singh said, ‘I appeal to all the farmers who are protesting to come forward to discuss agricultural laws. Every issue can be resolved through negotiation. The Prime Minister wants talks with farmers to continue. He said, ‘Our government will never do anything that is not in the interest of farmers.’ Rajnath Singh said, ‘Those who are sitting on the dharna are farmers born in peasant families. We respect him very much.