Rajasthan HC asks government to install smart TVs in shelter homes to educate inmates

JODHPUR: The Rajasthan High Court on Thursday directed the state government to install smart TVs in government in all children observation homes and ‘nari niketans’ and play pre-recorded education and skill development materials on them to educate inmates.

The direction was given by the Jodhpur bench of the high court during the hearing of a complaint, turned into a petition, which had alleged lack of various facilities in the government shelter homes and the sorry plight of their inmates.

The complaint was made by a young girl who had been ordered by the high court to be kept in a girls’ shelter home after her recovery by the police.

While adjudicating the petition earlier, a bench of justices Sandeep Mehta and Devendra Kachhawaha had ordered the government to set up open-air gyms in all shelter homes in the state, including those for women, young girls and observation homes for boys.

During the Thursday hearing, the state government submitted to the court that as per its earlier directions, open-air gyms are being set up in all shelter homes to allow physical activities of their inmates.

The bench had also directed earlier to the government to increase doctors’ visit to these shelter homes to allow their inmates to have better access to medical and health facilities.

The court direction on Thursday followed on the suggestions of amicus curiae Nupur Bhati who said vocational skills of the inmates can be enhanced by using smart televisions to play pre-recorded education material on them.

“The suggestion is considered to be an effective tool for providing education to the women without requiring the physical presence of faculty members,” the court said while directing the installation of smart TVs in shelter homes.

The bench adjourned the matter for further hearing on March 25.