Ajmer On behalf of the government, the Bamashah card family will be given mobile for Rs 501. After returning the phone after three years, this amount of money will also be returned to the beneficiary. The family will be given two mobile phones.

The State Government has acknowledged that many Bamashahs families in far-flung rural areas have been deprived of the benefits of innovations and special efforts being made by the government due to not being mobile. The Rajasthan Information Technology and Communications Department has issued its orders to all the district collectors of the state. This mobile will be given even before the assembly elections. For this the camp will be held. Under the Zia Bamashah program, camps will be organized in the districts of every district of the district under the direction of District Collector.
Election code of conduct may take place in October so that the camp is ready to complete the mobile distribution by 30 September. Presently Reliance Jio Mobile is being offered at a personal level of Rs 1100 with a 6 month recharge. Ajmer collector Aarti Dogra also confirmed the order saying that orders for mobile delivery have come, dates will be fixed soon for delivery.

A welcome bonus of Rs. 216 on the recharge of four vouchers for 54 rupees: Six recharges of Rs 99 / month will also be given in the mobile given by the government. There will be Unlimited Calling and first three months one GB data per day and 600 per month SMS and the remaining three months will be 512 MB data per day and 300 SMS per month. The beneficiary will get a welcome bonus of Rs 216 on the recharge of 54 rupees four vouchers, which will get a plan of Rs 153 for 99 rupees recharge.