Under the state government’s ambitious cowherd justice scheme, dung purchased from cattle ranchers and farmers has started the process of making vermi compost in the Gothans of the state. Preparations for making vermicompost from cow dung are also underway in Gauthans of Surguja district. The members of the Gothan committee formed here and women of the self-group are engaged in preparing the vermi compost by putting cow dung in the vermi stitch.

Officials said that women of the group have started making vermicompost compost at Gauthan of Keshavpur village panchayat of Ambikapur district district panchayat. These women of the group have received technical training through Krishi Vigyan Kendra to make manure from earthworms. In 86 Gouthans of the district, cow dung is being purchased from cattle ranchers by the Gowthan Committee under the Godhan Nyaya Yojana from July 20. 86.13 quintal cow dung has been purchased at Keshavpur Gauthan. To make vermicompost, refilling is done by putting dung and gurva waste into a rectangular pit. An appropriate amount of earthworm is added to it. Vermi compost is about 75 percent ready in Gothan. In the next 10 days, fully vermi compost will be available for sale. This will give additional income to the women of the group.