The recovery of revenue by the Raipur Municipal Corporation has accelerated. The corporation has set a revenue collection target of Rs 131 crore by 31 March. In 70 wards of the corporation, the municipal team is going door to door and handing over the property demand notice. All the zone commissioners and assistant revenue officers of the corporation are constantly monitoring. In the absence of taxpayers’ house during recovery, property demand notice is being pasted at the door of the house.

The Municipal Corporation has laid emphasis on mobilizing the campaign. The revenue department team of Zone I collected revenue of Rs 7 lakh 13 thousand 925 from 164 taxpayers. Zone 2’s team collected revenue of Rs 3 lakh 91 thousand 73 from 47 taxpayers, Rs 10 lakh 20 thousand 129 from 137 taxpayers, revenue of Rs 5 lakh 43 thousand 954 from 78 taxpayers.

Similarly, the team of Zone Five paid Rs. 9 lakh 56 thousand 730 from 170 taxpayers, the team of Zone Six got Rs. 8 lakh one thousand 65 from 137 taxpayers, the team of Zone Seven paid Rs. 3 lakh 85 thousand 22 from 81 taxpayers, Zone Eight. The team has recovered Rs 5 lakh 17 thousand 249 from 155 taxpayers.

Zone Nine’s revenue team collected 117 lakhs from taxpayers, 4 lakh 95 thousand 523 and Zone 10’s revenue department team collected Rs 7 lakh 27 thousand 723 from 199 taxpayers in the campaign.