Appointment arrangements have been fixed for the convenience of the general public by the Inspector General of Registration and Superintendent Stamps keeping in mind the Navratri festival and the number of registrable documents to be submitted at the registration office. With this, now three appointments can be taken in half an hour, thus a maximum of 42 appointments can be taken in a day. Earlier, a maximum of 28 appointments could be taken in a day, which would be able to take a maximum of 42 appointments after the implementation of this new expenditure. This new expenditure has been started from October 21. The parties can get their appointment in the available slots by selecting any day while taking the appointment.

    If any party has any problem in getting an appointment, they can contact the help line number 0771-4912523 or toll free number 18002332488 and email ID  . According to the improvement made in the appointment system so far, now a maximum of 42 appointments can be taken in 1 day, earlier this number was 28. In the case of sales letter, at least 5 percent of the transaction amount can be taken only on the basis of e-stamp.