Under the guidance of Forest Minister Mr. Mohammad Akbar, the construction of 12 lakh 56 thousand 990 structures in the drains located in the forest areas of the state under the annual action plan 2019-20 is going on at a rapid pace. Out of these, construction of 10 lakh 77 thousand 382 structures has been completed so far.
    Forest Minister Shri Akbar informed that 4 lakh 25 thousand hectare land will be treated on completion of these structures being constructed in 137 drains with an amount of about 160 crores. In this, for the purpose of ground water conservation work in the drains of forest areas, a large number of structures like Loose Boulder Checkdem, Boulder Checkdem, Brushwood Checkdem, Contour Trench, Parlocation Trench, Ardan Dame, Checkdem, Anicut, Stopdem and Gabion are being constructed. . This will prevent the erosion of forest land on the one hand, on the other hand the water reserves will be increased. Adequate availability of water reserves in the forest areas will provide fodder water to the wildlife in their habitat, so that they will not be attracted towards the populated areas. Along with this, the villagers and farmers around the forests will be helped to develop the means of drinking water and irrigation.
    In this regard, Chief Executive Officer of CAMPA, Mr. V. Srinivasa Rao informed that out of 12.57 lakh structures under construction in drains located in the forest areas of the state, so far Stopdem, Contour Trench, B.G. P. And the work of construction of waterholes has been completed 100 percent. Under this, 549 stopdams, 8 thousand 214 contour trenches, 15 B.G.P. And 34 waterholes have been constructed in various drains. He said that in addition to this, 861 out of 8 thousand 388 brushwood check dams and 861 out of 2 thousand 684 Ardan Gali plugs (EGP) and 23 thousand 399 out of 30 thousand 569 loose boulder checks were completed. has gone.