According to the information compiled in the state level flood control room maintained by the state revenue and disaster management department, a total of 1047.3 mm has been established in the state since June 1. Average rainfall has been recorded. The maximum Bijapur district in the state, 2008.3 mm And the lowest is 726.0 mm in Surguja. Average rainfall has been recorded so far.
    According to the information compiled in the state level flood control room from June 1 till now, 1157.9 mm in Surajpur, 944.9 mm in Balrampur, 1087.9 mm in Jashpur, 923.4 mm in Korea, Raipur 947.9 mm in Balodabazar, 954.8 mm in Galiaband, 974.8 mm in Gariaband, 1144.3 mm in Mahasamund, 961.2 mm in Dhamtari, 1124.9 mm in Bilaspur, 767.3 in Mungeli. Mm, 1027.0 mm in Raigad, 1113.7 mm in Janjgir-Champa And 1185.1 mm in Korba. Average rainfall was recorded. Similarly, 906.6 mm in Gorella-Pendra-Marwahi, 788.3 mm in Kabirdham, 882.3 mm in Durg, 829.7 mm in Rajnandgaon, 933.7 mm in Balod, 948.5 mm in Bemetra, 1064.8 mm in Bastar, 1300.2 mm in Kondagaon, 892.9 mm in Kanker, 1174.1 mm in Narayanpur, 1341.0 mm in Dantewada. And Sukma has an average of 1213.8.
       According to the information compiled by the state level flood control cell, according to the recorded rainfall on 29 August in various districts of the state today, 8.3 mm in Surguja district, 2.6 mm in Surajpur, 1.7 mm in Balrampur. ., 10.9 mm in Jashpur. And 10.4 mm in Korea. Average rainfall was recorded. Similarly, Raipur 5.5, 11.2 mm in Balodabazar, 3.1 mm in Gariaband, 2.8 mm in Mahasamund, Dhamtari 3.8 mm, 16.2 mm in Bilaspur, Mungeli 7.7 mm. , 5.4 mm in Raigad, 17.3 mm in Janjgir-Champa, 27.5 mm in Korba, 5.1 mm in Gorella-Pendra-Marwahi, 15.8 mm in Durg, 30.7 in Kabirdham. Mm, 37.9 mm in Rajnandgaon, 5.7 mm in Balod, 35.8 mm in Bemetra, 8.7 mm in Bastar, 3.6 mm in Kondagaon, 5.8 mm in Kanker. M., 10.0 mm in Narayanpur, 2.8 mm in Dantewada, 16.7 mm in Sukma.