As per the instructions of Agriculture and Water Resources Minister Shri Ravindra Choubey, the campaign to check the quality of seeds, fertilizers and plant protection drugs being supplied by the Agriculture Department to the farmers in Rabi season is going on in all the districts. The district level officers of the Agriculture Department are continuously taking samples of seeds, fertilizers and medicines in their respective areas, which are being tested in the quality control laboratory. In Rabi season 2021, as on December 24, 49 samples of seeds and 14 samples of chemical fertilizers have been found to be non-standard, with immediate effect banning the sale of lots, as well as issuing notices to the firms concerned. According to the information received from the Agriculture Department, so far 862 samples of seeds have been sent to the laboratory for testing in Rabi season 2021, out of 779 samples received so far, 49 samples have been found to be non-standard, 83 samples have been reported now. remains to be. Similarly, to check the quality of chemical fertilizers, 342 samples have been taken by the fertilizer inspectors of the Agriculture Department from different institutions. Out of which 310 samples have been tested. Out of which 296 samples have been found to be of standard level and 14 are found to be non-standard. The test report of the remaining samples is yet to be received. With the department banning the sale of lots of non-standard seeds and fertilizers, show cause notices have been issued to the institutions concerned. Similarly, 8 samples of insecticidal drugs have been taken, out of which the report of 6 samples has been found to be standard. The reports of the remaining 2 samples are yet to be received. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading