In keeping with the interest of the forest dwellers of the state, as per the intention of Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel, the State Government has increased the purchase of 38 minor forest plants in Chhattisgarh from 31 to 38 on the support price as well as 14 minor forest produce under the support price fixed by the Union. An important decision has been taken for the purchase. Forest Minister Mr. Mohammad Akbar said that in this way, the number of minor forest produce has been increased from 7 to 52 in Chhattisgarh for purchase on support price in about two years.
It is worth mentioning that out of 38 small forest produce raised from 31 under the minimum support price fixed by the state government in Chhattisgarh, 7 new minor forest produce Kusumi seed, Reetha fruit (dry), Shikakai palli (dry), Satavar root (dry), Cashew nut. Kernels, Malkangani seeds and mahul leaves are included. According to the fixed support price, these include Kusumi seed Rs. 23, Reetha fruit (dry) Rs. 14, Shikakai palli (dry) Rs. 50, Satavar root (dry) Rs. 107, Cashew kernels Rs. 90, Malkangani seed Rs. 100 and Mahul leaf Rs. 15 each. Will be purchased at the rate of kilograms. Similarly, 14 small forest crops Pallas (flower), White Musli (dry), Indrajou, Patal Kumhara, Kutj, Ashwagandha, Amla (raw), Savai grass, Thorn broom, Tikhur, Behan Lakh-Kusumi, Behan Lakh on support price by the Union – Colorful, bell (raw) and berries (raw) will be purchased.
In this regard, Managing Director, Chhattisgarh State Small Forest Produce Association Mr. Sanjay Shukla said that the purchase of Pallas (flower) will be made at the rate of Rs. 1000 per quintal under the support price by the Union. Similarly, white musli (dry) will be purchased at the rate of Rs 65 thousand, Indrajou Rs 15 thousand, patal kumhara 3 thousand rupees and kutaj (bark) at the rate of one thousand 100 rupees per quintal. Apart from this, Ashwagandha will be purchased at the rate of 32 thousand 500 rupees, Amla raw 2 thousand 800 rupees, Savai grass one thousand 400 rupees and Thorn broom at 2 thousand 300 rupees per quintal. Similarly, Tikhur will be purchased at the rate of Rs. 2 thousand 500 per quintal, Behan Lakh-Kusmi at Rs. 30 thousand per quintal and Behan Lakh-Rangini at Rs. 22 thousand per quintal. Apart from this, bel (kachcha) will be purchased at the rate of one thousand rupees and berries (kachcha) at the rate of 2 thousand 300 rupees per quintal.
In Chhattisgarh state, 31 small forest produce to be purchased before it include sal seed, harra, tamarind seeds, chironji kernels, mahua seeds, kusumi lac, rangini lac, kal megh, bahera, nagarmotha, kullu gum, puwar, vine anus, honey And flower broom, Mahua flower (dry) was being purchased. Apart from this, Jamun seed (dry), Kaunch seed, Dhawai flower (dry), Karanja seed, Bibding and Amla (including seed) and flower tamarind (seedless), Giloy and Bhelwa, One basil seed, One cumin seed, Tamarind seed, Behera Kacharia, Harra Kacharia and Neem seed were being purchased. Apart from the support price in the purchase of Kusumi Lakh, Rangini Lakh and Kullu Gum, additional incentive is also being given by the state government.