While the country is currently reeling from the second wave of the Corona epidemic. This fierce wave of corona infection has caused a ruckus everywhere. On the other hand, in many states, the burden on health systems in hospitals has also increased immensely. Not only this, ventilator beds are still being demanded from many places. Amid such circumstances, shocking news has emerged from Punjab. Where ventilators purchased from PM Care Funds are gathering dust. Actually 251 of the 809 ventilators given to the state by the central government have not been started yet. They are closed in hospitals in the state. But in spite of this the Amarinder government of the state is not able to use the ventilator. This was revealed by a letter written by the Union Health Ministry Secretary Rajesh Bhushan to Punjab Chief Secretary Vini Mahajan.

In fact, in this letter written by Rajesh Bhushan to the Chief Secretary of Punjab, he said that 809 ventilators were demanded by the Center on the demand of the state government, out of which only 558 have been installed while 251 have not been installed yet. It is further written in the letter that these ventilators were given to fight the Kovid-19 but the non-installation of them is sure to weaken the campaign against Corona. Therefore these ventilators should be installed immediately.