Raipur / Chhattisgarh Bhupesh Baghel not only rich in highly intuitive and simple personality, Whipping culture has not even touch them.
Despite Chief Minister are so intuitive that any citizen of the state is talking directly to them on their mobile and can tell you without any hesitation to your problems. Mr. Baghel mobile itself to dismantling the immediate Jnsmsya give quick instructions to authorities and ensure that the quick dismantling of Jnsmsya.
 Mr. Bhupesh Baghel chief minister of Chhattisgarh, which all do not walk a distance from the public. Naturally be consistent with the masses is their key feature.
Today Shankar Nagar Pt Rajiv Bhavan. Jawaharlal keynote speaker Mr. Purushottam Sri Baghel Agarwal lectures Nehru discussion held at India ‘theme’ Nehru on the occasion of the 55th anniversary heard sitting in the middle of the public or general audience . Listening to sit speech or general audience among the general public is a reflection of their simple intuitive personality.
 And this is not the first time that it happened. Mr Bhupesh Baghel sang MO songs as well as being filled with colors playing fiercely Holi Holi celebrations in Bhilai with your family and Mitrjnon. Raipur Press Club Holi celebrations He sang Holi celebrated and MO with reporters. His MO style song that journalists joined in with their security. He won the hearts of MO singing people Laxman Mshuirya.
 Mr. Bhupesh Baghel your PSO Nityananda Pradhan’s father Dsgatr program to settle block grams mednipur arrived Dands consoled the family, while expressed his condolences paying floral tributes at the portrait of the prince’s father. Private so deep affinity towards Staॅf observes few individuals at the top echelons.
 Mr. Baghel to decrease the number of vehicles in their convoy, assuming your key to public service with simplicity. They affect people less trouble understanding reducing traffic on roads during the passing of CM convoy and instructed to prevent any not the ambulance and fire brigade in the event.  After becoming the state Chief Minister, he has no special frills warming residence nor Minister made special repair or spending habits. After elections ministers bungalow where spending crores of rupees have given special attention to creating a fully-equipped, while his residence was served only necessary repairs, splints. Curtains of some rooms, on sheets, pillow just changed. He has no interior decorations of any kind in the residence. Mr. Baghel had clear instructions that residence may be just cleaning and urgent repair work. Repairs were not Verily spendthrifts of some sort. This is an obvious example of simplicity and public service.
 Similarly, when the Gurugnon to beat in school life Chief respect Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, he bowed down to their Gurugnon. Government Higher Secondary School several uses alumni CM Bhupesh Baghel was awarded “School Pride respect” the Chief Minister said his teacher Mr. PS Fell touch phase Deshmukh. Compare Guru Indian culture went to the gods. Respect your Gurugnon reflects the conditioned personality of Mr. Baghel.
 Mr. Baghel did take his oath expressed a desire to take Chhattisgarhi bid. Talking typical Chhattisgarhi on various occasions that they have their language and respect the state of culture and language.
Receive little post becomes normal person narcissism, becomes a victim of Supiriyriti Kaॅmpleks. Behavior turns it all to. Chief Minister Mr Baghel keeping alive its ease and simplicity so far.