Protesting farmers don't know what they want, are agitating on the behest of someone: Hema Malini

MATHURA: Farmers agitating at the borders of Delhi don’t know what they want, said veteran actor and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP from Mathura, Hema Malini, and added that they are only protesting because someone had asked them to do so.

“It is good that the Supreme Court has stayed the laws. This will hopefully calm the situation. Farmers are not willing to come to a consensus even after so many talks. They do not even know what they want and what is the problem with the farm laws. This means that they are doing this because someone asked them to do it,” Hema Malini said.

She also said that it was ‘not nice’ to see towers being vandalised in Punjab. “Punjab has suffered a lot of losses. It was not nice to see them (farmers) vandalise towers. The government has called them for talks repeatedly but they don’t even have an agenda,” she added.

Speaking about the COVID-19 situation, she reminded people that the pandemic is not yet over and masks should be used and safety protocols followed. “Corona is not yet over. Some people from our party passed away due to the disease. The general public should continue to be more cautious. If we roam around freely (without precautions) it will increase again. Especially with this new bird flu, everyone should take care of themselves and their family,” she said.

The actor-turned-politician further said that she would definitely be vaccinated when her turn comes. “Good that the vaccine is here now. I will definitely get the vaccine when my turn comes. The opposition has also said some things. Whatever the government says they have to say just the opposite,” she said.