The High Court has kept the ban on admission in medical colleges unchanged. Now these cases will be heard next week. There was a debate in this matter for the last two days, which is still incomplete. The admission of the students was canceled after objections to the residence certificate in the medical college. Separate petitions have been filed challenging this order of the Medical Health Operator (DME) in the High Court. The hearing was going on in the couple bench for the last two days. During this time, lawyer Prafulla N Bharat and Manoj Paranjpe were arguing on behalf of the petitioners. On Wednesday, he argued in favor. Now the hearing of this case has been postponed to next week. It may be known that the High Court has stayed the order of cancellation of admission of a student by Atal Bihari Memorial Medical College Rajnandgaon till further orders. In fact, on the basis of the order in the Siphat Pal Singh Arora case running on NEET admission in the High Court, DME started the investigation on the basis of the information given in the NEET form of the residence certificate of all the students. The admission of the students was canceled after the certificate of another state was found in the investigation. A certificate was also seen from student Ishita Mandal, who had to take admission in Atal Bihari Memorial College, Rajnandgaon. Ishita got a residence certificate from another state. Due to this, his entry was canceled. Similarly, many petitions are pending in the High Court challenging the order of cancellation of admission. All these cases are being heard simultaneously.