The papaya of ‘black diamond’ which means ‘Makhana’ with medicinal properties has now started with the machine in Dhamtari district. It is worth noting that dry fruits, makhana used as fasting food, contain abundant calcium, vitamin complex, fiber and ash. It is also very beneficial for diabetes patients, as it contains a very small amount of sugar. It is also beneficial for heart patients. Makhana, which is available in the open market for 600 to 800 rupees kg, is being cultivated in Krishi Vigyan Kendra area in Dhamtari for the last three years. Senior scientist and major agricultural science center Dr. SS Chandravanshi explains that Makhana is cultivated in waterlogged and marshy lands. Since the area of ​​Dhamtari district is low land, the scope of Makhana cultivation here will not be denied. It is also interesting to note that Makhana cultivation was first started in Dhamtari district in the state.

Along with this, the cultivation of Makhana has been tested in the fields of the farmers and they were also explained that ‘black diamond’ can be easily grown in such fields where there is more waterlogging. With this understanding and understanding of the medicinal properties of ‘black diamond’, the farmer of Bodra, Shri Hari Om Sahu, cultivated Makhana in his 75 Dismil farm in 2017-18 About seven quintals of Makhana seed produced here were sold in Bihar and Ludhiana with the help of Krishi Vigyan Kendra. Farmer Mr. Sahu made a profit of Rs. 40 thousand from this. Although manual Makhana popping was done in the district at that time, due to this, raw Makhana seeds were sold.