In the second phase of the corona vaccine, the process of vaccinating the police department with the Revenue District Panchayat has been started on Saturday. In this episode, District Collector Nilesh Kshirsagar, Superintendent of Police Bhojram Patel and District Panchayat CEO Chandrakant Verma were first appointed. After this, the process of appointing other employees of Revenue Department and District Panchayat Department has been started. After the vaccine was put in place, officials said it was completely safe. Somewhere there is no problem. Common people should be free from this fear. Stay away from any fear and other rumors.

After this epidemic of Corona period, this vaccine has proved to be a boon for the common people and is being planted in Gariaband district. After vaccination, there is a possibility that now we will get rid of this epidemic, but initially the precautions that have to be taken will have to be taken. Marks have to be applied, hands have to be washed continuously, clean and clean will have to be kept clean. Continuous measures have to be taken to protect yourself. After applying the vaccine, they are kept separately in a monitoring room. After keeping them in the monitoring room for half an hour, they will be examined if they are found to be completely healthy. At the same time, other people of the department are also engaged in the process of applying the vaccine. Presently, 170 employees of the Revenue Department and 735 employees of the Panchayat Department have been allowed to apply the vaccine. Out of 4446 employees in the district, 3051 officer employees have been vaccinated.