Thumb impression machines have been installed these days in private institutions and hospitals in the city, offices of large private limited companies, malls, CA companies and offices located in many areas. In this, the presence of personnel is displayed by pressing the thumb. The functioning and transfer systems of these machines are installed through the brand models of Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi etc. As per the information of the employees working in the big offices located in the medical area and market area, the responsibility of operating the said machine is handled by the personal and administrative department.

On the arrival of the workers only 5 minutes late, the machine shows the absence of the concerned personnel on that working day. The personnel are not allowed to return home on an absent day by the Chief Officer of the administrative department concerned. Also, the salary of that day is also deducted by the management. Giving information to the workers, they said that in this way, forcible work is done on absent days from the concerned workers by not paying absent days of thousands of lakhs per month in various private institutions. Many workers have been dismissed from the institutions despite the lockdown in case of refusal. Parvinder Kaur Arora, president of the Private Employees Association Chhattisgarh, has demanded strict instructions from the Chief Minister and the Chief Administrative Officer of the State Department of Personnel Administration to direct legal action to employers of private institutions.