Prime Minister has praised the Chhattisgarh state of children in Anganwadi centers of government are to be made through Lokprwon like Kmrct and Raksha Bandhan to prevent malnutrition awareness efforts. He said – such festivals have introduced a new precedent in the state associated with the nutrition campaign. Prime Minister was talking to today’s two districts -raypur and Rajnandgaon of Anganwadi workers, health department female workers (ANM) and health Mitaninon state via video Confrnesing New Dillni. They have detailed information about the operating services for nutrition and immunization etc. for children Agannbadhi centers These personnel and expectant mothers. His video conversation in both District Chamber of National Informatics Center, Collectorate headquarters (NIC) with the Prime Minister.
 He said that the state’s local festivals to be used to deliver the message of awareness to add people to the national nutrition campaign, he is definitely inspiring for the admirable and other states. The Prime Minister said – Anganwadi workers, female health workers (ANM) and leading officers of nation building in Minanin the health department. Prime Minister when the video was informed conferencing that run Suposhn campaign by the Women and Child Development to prevent malnutrition of children and women in the state. Major public festival of women under the campaign ‘Kmrct’ and ‘Raksha Bandhan’ has been added. Mother of trying to plan for the regular nutritious food to pregnant mothers in Anganwadi centers of the state is being run. Agannbadhi worker village in Rajnandgaon district in video conferencing Uprwah Mrs. peace Sahu told the Prime Minister that the state of mothers fasts of Krmct for their children’s health and prolonged life. Bajion a variety of other nutritious recipes on this occasion is served in the plate. It is a healthy plate. The use Anganwadi Keendra village Uprwah have had good success.
 Mrs. Smith also told the Prime Minister that the festival of Raksha Bandhan is also linked to national nutrition campaign. In many Anganwadi centers including Uprwah on the lines of thread tying ‘nutritional defense source has been started using the binder. Nutrition defense formula tied mothers were given this determination Krwaangi regular intake of nutrition to their children. Is discussed in the rural families door to door contact by Anganwadi workers and advised them to save children from malnutrition about nutrition in their diet. It came out of ten malnourished children die of malnutrition in the village Uprwah. Prime Minister liked to use it much. He clapped Anganwadi worker congratulated Mrs. Sahu peace and that it is an amazing experiment. He said that years ago Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak Minister had launched public Ganesh festivals adding directly to the public mahaparva Ganesh Chaturthi country. Use it to add nutrition campaign Lokprw same way Kmrct Chhattisgarh example giving an impetus to the whole country. Mr. Modi also the example was so impressed by the initiative of the Anganwadi center of Chhattisgarh that he spoke to Anganwadi workers of the state in today’s video conferencing.
Simple smart phones is the work of Anganwadi workers
 The Prime Minister today also inquired about the malnutrition status, and in the villages belonging to their centers of Anganwadi workers Raipur district of Chhattisgarh, female health workers and health Mitaninon. Arang block of Village Kuni of Anganwadi worker Mrs Casa Chandrakar, female health workers (ANM) Mrs. Urmila Dewangan and health Mitanin Mrs. Devaki Yadav spoke to the Prime Minister. Prime has been smartphones including Anganwadi worker Mrs Casa Chandrakar said National Nutrition a special mobile application for the smooth conduct of the campaign to Women and Child Development Department. It’s their job has become much easier. Before every Anganwadi center was required to fill the children and registers eleven types of expectant mothers. There was a lot of trouble making children’s weight from malnutrition percentage and nutritional status of the charts, but the government got smart phone and it works together with the mobile app has become quite simple. During the first contact in your area homes of families were recorded them in registers ranging from verbal information. Now carry your phone and manages to enter all the information in the mobile app in front of them. These women activists showed their smart phones. PM Digital in Anganwadi centers reported a good achievement of India campaign. After he spoke to Anganwadi workers Raipur district said – have been given a boost to the Digital India campaign to the health of mothers and children in their centers and use of new technologies such as smart phones and mobile app to take care of their health by all is. This campaign is also your role. I salute you all.