President Ramnath Kovind reached Uttar Pradesh’s industrial town Kanpur on Thursday in a two-day tour. Industrial Development Minister Satish Maharana was present to welcome the President who arrived at Chakery Airport at 9:35 am on special special aircraft from Army. His wife Savita Kovind and son Prashant have also come along with Kovind. From the airport, the President left for the Indian Institute of Technology for the convocation of IIT, where he will confer honor and honor to the medal. In the convocation, 1576 students will be given the title. This includes 1337 students and 239 girls. After the ceremony, from 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm, they will meet the people of the city’s representatives, entrepreneurs, social workers and academics at the MES guest house located in the army camp.

The President will host the night at the MeS Guest House located in the Cantonment. On Friday (April 29th), he will lay the foundation stone of Bar Association’s Hall at the ceremony organized by Bar Association in the Raagendra Swaroop Auditorium. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is also expected to attend the function. After spending 26 hours and 50 minutes in the city, he will leave for Allahabad at 1255 noon tomorrow.