The Yogi government in Uttar Pradesh is providing development opportunities in every field. Due to this, to give better facilities to students in the field of education, the Yogi government has taken a big step regarding the madrasas present in the state. Let the Yogi government also approved the education of the students taking training in the madrasa of the state. For this, UP Desco will create a special application. NCERT syllabus in Deenayat, Hindi, Urdu and English will be available on this app. Please tell that to release this system, the state government has also approved making UP Desco an app. Talking of madrasas in UP, 16,460 recognized and 558 subsidized madrasas are currently operating from Madrasa Education Council. At the same time, an app for online training will be connected to the Madrasa portal and a link will be sent to all madrasas. Let us know that in the year 2017, the government had approved to study from NCERT books in madrasas of Taitania (class 1 to 5), Phokania (class 5 to 8) and Aliya and High Aaliya level (high school and above). The children of Taitania and Phokania study Hindi, English, Mathematics and Social Sciences from the books of Basic Education Council.