According to the instructions of the Government of India, under the Kovid-19 vaccination program, it has been decided to give first time of Kovid-19 to all the employees working in government and private hospitals, in this order data of all employees working in government and private hospitals were uploaded in Kovin portal. Have to go. For this, the data feeding of all government health workers has been completed. However, data feeding of employees of some private hospitals is yet to be done.

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In this regard, Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. Meera Baghel said that some private nursing home clinics have still not been able to send the list of staff working in their institution. It was in this context that online review meeting was organized from state level to division level. In it, instructions have been given that such private nursing homes, hospitals, clinics etc. which are registered in this office under the Nursing Home Act and who have not provided the list of employees working in their institution in the prescribed form, the list is scheduled till January 8, 2021 Get it in the form and get it uploaded in the Kovin portal.