An analysis workshop on books was held in the open school office on Thursday regarding the books of the Chhattisgarh State Open School. While efforts are being made to increase the level of school education across the state, the officials have become concerned about the result of Chhattisgarh State Open School. NOS has implemented the new syllabus from 2016-17. The new syllabus is quite difficult. As a result, for the last three years, only 40-50 per cent of the students are passing out from the Open School in class X-XII.

In view of this, the officials of NOS are now taking the opinion of the experts that what can be removed and what can be added to the syllabus. Seeing the declining result of NOS, experts have suggested that contact classes should be held thrice in NOS. Among these, first contact classes should be three days, then five days and third contact classes should also be of five days. It has also been suggested to increase the honorarium of teachers for contact classes.