Due to the corona virus epidemic, a large number of people are still working from home. In such a situation, portable laptop stand becomes necessary for working like office at home, so that the user does not have any problem while working. Portonics, a company in the digital and portable consumer electronics market, has launched a new My Buddy Hexa 22 portable laptop stand.

You can take the My Buddy Hexa 22 from ABS plastic build easily anywhere. You can use this laptop stand with any laptop up to 15 inches, including MacBooks and tablets, to protect your device from slipping and other hazards.

This stand comes with a vent, which keeps your device cool at all times and reduces the possibility of overheating. This laptop stand is equipped with a 360-degree rotatable base, so that you can easily rotate your laptop without moving it. Its 7 angles help you adjust the height of the stand, which reduces neck and wrist pain, and makes typing more comfortable.

My Buddy Hexa 22 is priced at Rs 1,299 / – in the market, with a 12-month warranty, consumers can buy it from major online and offline stores. Consumers can also buy it online from the company’s official website Portronics.com at a huge discount.