Latehar The security force in Jharkhand has achieved great success. Large quantities of weapons were recovered from the Harmatoli area of ​​Latehar in the joint reconstruction of Jharkhand Police and 11 battalions Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) on Saturday. The arms recovered during this operation are being told that these weapons can be of Maoists. The police claim that the Maoists were collecting weapons to execute a larger plan which was caught in time. There is no mention of any arrest from the police on behalf of the police.

Significantly, this area is affected by intensive Maoist insurgency. Even before this, a large number of weapons have been recovered here. Earlier, the police had recovered bullets and ammunition of TPC in Balumath. Police conducted action on raids on the basis of secret information. A large quantity of bullets, rifles, 14 phones, Levi’s Rashid, letter pad and Naxalite literature were seized during the operation, along with information from the police.