In the rainy season, many important issues of the country should be its decision, the decision of which must be decided. It is important to have a discussion on many important issues of the country and the more comprehensive discussions will be given to the guidance of all the senior experienced people, the country will also benefit, the government will also benefit from good suggestions in its decision-making process.

I hope that all the political parties will use the time of the House to make the most important works of the country. It is my complete hope that everyone will have full cooperation and the image of India’s parliament’s activity in the country becomes the motivator for the state assemblies, such a good example will present all MPs and all political parties.

Every time I have expressed my hope, I have also tried. This time too, I am expressing hope. This time we are also trying and our effort will be continued. Any party, any member wants to discuss in any subject, the government is ready for every discussion. It is a monsoon session, in many parts of the country there are some disasters due to the rain and there are few places where there is less rainfall than expected. I think discussions of such topics will be very suitable only.

Thanks a lot.