Over the last few days, I have been the beneficiaries of various schemes of the government across the country. They had the opportunity to be the most revered, to listen to him and I can say that there is a wonderful experience for me. And I always insist on this courage. There is also life beyond the files. And the change in life has changed. When she heard from straightforward people Knowing their experiences, the mind gets a lot of satisfaction. And I’ve got a new energy to work from you. Today, some plans of Digital India have got the opportunity to interact with the beneficiaries.

I have been told that in today’s program, I got the opportunity to join the poor 3 lakh Common Service Centers across the country. The VLEs operating these CSC Common Service Centers and the citizens who are taking different types of services are taking this service. They are all here today Apart from this, the beneficiaries of Digital India are also gathered through NIC centers across the country. Over 1600 institutions which are connected to NKN National Knowledge Network Their students, researchers, Scientist, Professors are all with us. BPOs that have been set up with the government’s plans across the country. Their youth is also with us in this program from their own BPO center. Not only this, youth working in Mobile, Manufacturing Units will also show us their units. And they will do something to us.

Mygov volunteers have also joined millions of people across the country. I believe this is a unique dialogue where at least 50 lakh people are going to talk about the same subject today. There is only one wonderful opportunity to listen to everyone’s experiences, and when Digital India was launched, there was a resolution that the common man of the country, the poor, the farmers, the youth, the villages connect with the world of digital Used to be. Empower them. In the last four years, this work has worked on every aspect of Digital Empowerment, whether it is to connect villages with Fibre Optics. Digitally literate millions of people, delivering government services to every one through mobile, developing Electronic Manufacturing in the country, promoting Strat up or Innovation, campaign to open BPO in far-flung areas Be run Our elders, who have received such a number of projects today, have not had to give evidence of their lives by themselves, but they can easily work in their village by reaching the Common Service Centers CSC Center. The farmers of the country need to know the weather conditions, seek information regarding crop, soil information etc. He gets very comfortable nowadays. But simultaneously, through a digital market ENAM, they can sell their products in markets across the country. By going through your mobile phone or at CSC’s center.

Today the student studying in the village is not limited to the books available only in his school and college. Using the Internet, he is accessing millions of books through the digital library. He is no longer dependent on the school-college planning system for scholarship funds. His scholarship now comes directly into his bank account. All this is possible through the Communication Revolution through technology. Until a few years ago, for the people living in small towns, towns and villages far away from the metros, it was difficult to imagine that the railway tickets can go to the station without having booked railway tickets in line. Or the LPG can reach the house directly without spending hours in the line. Taxes, electricity and water bills can be deposited without any Government office. But today it is possible that all the necessary work related to your life is now just a distance away from the finger. And it is not that only a few people are available, each one is available. Every citizen of the country can get maximum facilities near his home. For this, Common Service Centers CSC network across the country is being strengthened.

So far, nearly 3 lakh Common Service Centers have been opened in the country. Today, this huge network of Digital Service Deliver Centers is spread over 1 lakh 83 thousand village panchayats of India. Today millions of young people are working as Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLE). And it is heartening to note that 52 thousand women entrepreneurs are working.

More than 1 million people got employment through these centers. As a whole, this center has not only become a medium of empowerment, but also encouraged education, entrepreneurship or employment.

The changes that are coming in my country, the changes you are bringing and bringing with the power of your finger, these progress, these beliefs, these developments, Reform Perform Transform is going to come true. Then once again give you all very well. Thank you very much.