PM’s priorities

Managing ties with China which were tested in 2019 over Kashmir, maintaining momentum in Indo-US partnership in an election year in America, expanding ties with Europe, Russia and immediate and extended neighbourhood will be among priorities for PM Narendra Modi in 2020.

Sino-Indian ties

Stability in Sino-Indian ties in particular will be key as Delhi and Beijing celebrate 70 years of creation of diplomatic relations in 2020. 35 events in each country are planned this year for the occasion. Modi has also accepted the Chinese President’s invite for the third edition of informal summit to be held in China this year.

Indo-USA trade deal

All eyes will be on proposed Indo-USA trade deal that could strengthen President Donald Trump’s partnership with India.

Partnership with Europe

PM to expand partnership with Europe across sectors including trade, investments, security through next edition Indo-EU Summit.

Opening new areas of cooperation with Russia

Seek to open new areas of cooperation with Russia through series of bilateral meetings with President Vladimir Putin through the year. Energy and investments in Russia’s Far-East are new areas of cooperation between Delhi and Moscow. PM expected to meet Putin thrice in standalone meetings in 2020 beginning with Victory Day Parade in Moscow in May followed by BRICS-SCO Summits in July followed by 20th edition of the annual summit in India.

Expanding partnerships

Priority is to manage and expand partnerships in SE Asia, Gulf and South and Central Asia besides Japan.

Stronger ties with Bangladesh

Ties with Bangladesh will be consolidated through the visit of PM in March. Modi greeted pleasantries with PM Sheikh Hasina (in pic) on Wednesday.

All eyes on Afghanistan

All eyes will be on Afghanistan where USA might enter into deal with Taliban.