Don't want TMC in anti-BJP grouping because of strong anti-incumbency against it: Sitaram Yechury

NEW DELHI: CPI(M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury Monday hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his speech in Parliament and alleged it was full of “untruths”.

“PM’s speech is full of untruths. We have all along sought agri reforms for strengthening Indian agri, ensuring food security with healthy remuneration to farmers. NOT for destroying Indian agri & annihilation of farmers, all to benefit crony corporates. Repeal three black laws,” he said in a tweet.

He also objected to the prime minister’s remarks in Rajya Sabha that a new “breed” of agitators called “andolan jivi” has emerged in the country.

“Aandolan jeevi”? Yechury said in his second tweet.

“People protest for saving their lives & for security, for greater opportunities & ensuring better livelihood. Protesters are patriots not parasites. Those who grab power on the strength of protests are.”

The prime minister in his address had hit out at those behind the protests, saying a new “breed” of agitators called “andolan jeevi” has emerged in the country who cannot live without an agitation and the nation should guard against them.

He had also slammed the politics over the farm laws, saying opposition parties were mum over the reasons for the agitation.

Punning on the term FDI, which stands for Foreign Direct Investment, Modi said a new thing of FDI has emerged in India, which he said was Foreign Destructive Ideology.

“We need to be more aware to save the country from such an ideology,” he said, while replying to a discussion in Rajya Sabha on a motion thanking the President for his address to the joint sitting of Parliament at the start of the Budget session.