Rajgarh Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who reached Madhya Pradesh’s one-day tour, inaugurated the Mohanpura dam project in Rajgarh. After landing in the capital Bhopal by special aircraft, PM Modi reached Rajgad from a helicopter, where he dedicated the dam project to the nation. This project will provide irrigation facilities to the people of Rajgarh as well as provide drinking water. Addressing a gathering on this occasion, PM Modi said that this project is not only an example of rapid growth, but there is also evidence of the manner in which the government works.

He said, within approximately 4 years this project has been completed. In this, special attention has been taken of micro-irrigation, i.e. priority has been given to reach the farm by laying the pipeline. Addressing the public meeting after the inauguration of the project, Modi said that the dam was inaugurated by the people’s hard work and sweat. He attacked the Congress and said that those who are engaged in spreading lies and illusions are unaware of the ground truth. The PM said, in such a large number, your visit is witnessing the fact that you have faith in the government, its policies on its policies. The people who are engaged in spreading confusion in the country, how they have cut the ground truth, you are a picture of it.

Today is the death anniversary of the great saint Shyama Prasad Mukherjee. He died in Kashmir. Today, on this occasion, I bow to them and pay respectfully tribute. He said, “This is the misfortune of the country that the uncles and contributions of the country have been shortened to glorify a family. He said, “Today is the center or the BJP government in any state of the country is not different from Vision of Dr. Mukherjee.” Whether it is Skil India Mission or Start Up Plan or Make in India, you will get a glimpse of Dr. Mukherjee’s ideas.

The dam located at Mohanpura has been completed by the cost of about Rs 3,800 crore. Its work began in December 2014. It has 17 gates, which will irrigate about 1.35 lakh hectares of land. Rajgarh of Madhya Pradesh is a drought-affected area where farmers are dependent on rain water for irrigation only. Let us know that Congress President Rahul Gandhi had gone there on the first anniversary of Mandsaur firing and before the farmers, the election was announced. Rahul had announced to forgive the farmers’ debt within 10 days after the Congress government came to Madhya Pradesh.

In the MP tour, the Prime Minister e-launched 10 parks in 10 urban areas of the state, which cost Rs 8.31 crore. Also, Chhattarpur-Bijawar Road, built at a cost of Rs.1.11 crore, also released the same. Before this, the Prime Minister will take home auction of 1,111 families who have taken home from the PMH accommodation scheme. Its cost is 4063 crores. The Chief Minister will inaugurate drinking water schemes of 14 urban areas under urban drinking water, costing Rs 227.78 crores.