Corona virus continues to wreak havoc all over the world, including India, and everyone is eagerly waiting for the vaccine to defeat the epidemic. Several trials of the corona virus vaccine are also going on in India. There is no definite time frame for how long the vaccine will come, but it is now clear who will be given to whom in the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has made it clear that when the corona virus vaccine becomes available in the country then it will be made available to all the countrymen. PM Modi has said that when the Kovid vaccine is available in India, every citizen will be given the vaccine, no one will be exempt. However, priority may be given to frontline workers.

In an interview to the English newspaper ‘The Economic Times’ on the question about the Corona vaccine, PM Modi said,’ I would like to assure the country that as soon as the Kovid-19 vaccine is available in the country, everyone will be given the vaccine. No one will be left out. ‘ Indeed, it was questioned whether a vaccine was likely to be available next year. Any idea on who will be given the vaccine, who will be the priority? In response to this, PM Modi said, ‘First of all I would like to assure the country that when the corona vaccine is available in the country, all will be vaccinated. Nobody will touch you. Yes, maybe in the beginning campaign of this vaccination we can focus on protecting the most vulnerable and frontline workers and get them vaccinated first.