Prime Minister Narendra Modi is constantly communicating with the people directly. He talked with the video conferencing from the ANM activists with lakhs of hope and anganwadi workers working in villages today. In the meantime, the PM told Anganwadi workers that your contribution is very important, the mission rainbow is only because of your success.

The PM said that my honor to more than 24 lakh workers You saved more life than doctor. I would also like to thank the thousands of millions of doctors in the country, who are examining pregnant women without any fees. He said that a large number of people in the country are victims of anemia. This disease is caused by the lack of elements like iodine and iron.

However, the use of iodized salt has increased in the last few years. Modi told the workers that through the Home based Newborn Care, you are caring for nearly 25 million children every year. This program is being successful due to your hard work, due to which it has been further expanded. Now it has been named Home Based Child Care.

The PM said that the 42-year-old Asha had to go to the child’s house six times before birth. Now, for 15 months, you need to know about baby movements 11 times. I believe that with your affection and myths, one will get a better citizen country. You are also worried about not only the child but also the health of your mother’s mother. You have to get as much information as possible from the government which has run the safe maternity campaign.

Explain that PM has already talked to the beneficiaries of many other schemes including Ujjwala scheme, Mudra scheme, Skill India, through Namo App. During the Karnataka assembly elections, PM Modi talked with workers from Namo App only.