Prime Minister Narendra Modi is coming to Indore tomorrow. They will be here in the Vaage of 53rd Church Father of Bohra society. Meanwhile, intelligence agencies have feared a terrorist attack on PM Modi. Special inputs are being carried out after input from the agencies. Explain that intelligence agencies have given input that terrorists can enter the pandal in the traits of women. Security agencies, which are already being vigilant already, have become more alert after this information. This will be the first time in the history of Bohra society when a prime minister will be involved in the Vaj and the Vaage will be stopped for his address. PM Modi’s program will last 30 minutes at the venue Saifi Mosque.

Such will be the PM security arrangement

The police has started monitoring all the persons entering Pandal. According to DIG Harinarayankar Mishra, the security system has been floored. People will be able to enter Pandal only after passing through four phases. The person coming into the program is being closely monitored.

German technology cameras will monitor Pandal

There are 125 cameras equipped with German technology, in which Pandal will have the program. With the help of these cameras, the smallest item of any person can also be monitored. 500 doctors of the city will be available for medical emergency. Also, 15,000 security personnel of Syedna Sahib are also deployed for the safety of this program. Syedna Saheb’s 15,000 security personnel are also deployed for safety, while the media is not being given admission for PM coverage. Indore no flying zone for a total of 20 minutes on the arrival of PM