new Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached the Chaudhary Charan Singh Airport in Lucknow on Thursday morning before visiting the city of Kabir, Nagar Nagar. CM Yogi Adityanath received PM Modi after reaching the airport. On the 500th death anniversary of PM Modi saint Kabir Das, visiting his Parinirvana place, he climbing on his mazar. On this occasion Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath was also present. Addressing the public meeting on this occasion, PM Modi said that the wishes of my years have been fulfilled today. To give flowers on the tomb of Saint Kabir Das Ji, to give a sheet on their mazar, good fortune was received. He said that I also went to the cave, where Kabir Das used to do meditation. The PM said that learning from Kabir’s practice is not to be accepted, but it begins.

In front of the ruler, in front of the devotee in front of the king, he was hard-hearted from the gentle out of the cleansed mind of the impaired heart. They become venerable from the birth, not by the birth of the child. He said that when former President Abdul Kalam came here 14-15 years ago, he had a dream for this place.

In order to realize his dream, Maghrer is now working on developing the main center of harmony and harmony in the international map. On this occasion, he said that you are greedy about the power of those who talk about socialism and Bahujan, the situation of the country has been 43 years ago, 2 days ago. The greed of power is such that those who are in the emergency and those who oppose the emergency have come together. Not only this society, but only see the interest of yourself and your family.

Modi said that Kabir broke the distinctions of caste and caste, declared a man of all manusas, ending his inner ego and showed the way to see God and see God. PM Modi said that if the country’s soul survived for hundreds of years of slavery, then it was due to such saints. Accusing the Opposition, Modi said that some parties should not have peace and development, discord and unrest, they feel as much as the political advantage of creating an atmosphere of discontentment and unrest.

PM Modi said that today some families have considered themselves as the fate of the people and they have been totally neglecting the words of Saint Kabir. These people are working to raise the property to their brothers and relatives by grabbing the property of the poor. Discussing the Jan Dhan Yojana, he said that by opening bank accounts of nearly 50 million poor, giving free gas connections to more than 80 lakh women, giving an insurance cover to 17 million poor, creating 1.25 crore toilets, empowering the poor Have done Some people just keep on politics in the name of Garibo.

Today, some families have considered themselves as the destiny of the people and completely neglecting the words of Saint Kabir. These people are working to raise the property to their brothers and relatives by grabbing the property of the poor. PM Modi said that there are obstacles in the way of the law related to the three divorces that vote for the politics of vote bank. Today my Muslim sisters are demanding to break the fear of every threat to remove three divorces, but some people are also ruling it.