PM Narendra Modi Rally in Nashik Today: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday hailed Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis as a youth icon. Addressing a rally in Nashik, PM Modi said that under Fadnavis’ stellar leadership, Maharashtra has seen unparalleled progress and stability. “Crores of people blessed Devendra Fadnavis in his 4,000-km statwide tour. Maharashtra people have decided to bless only those who will work as per expectations,” he said. The PM also made an appeal to the people to bring back Fadnavis to power. “Fadnavis gave a stable government in Maharashtra despite (BJP) not having full majority,” he added. On Kashmir, he blamed the Congress party for the plight of Kashmiris for decades and called for making efforts to create a “new paradise” in the Valley. “We have to create a new paradise (in Kashmir)… hug each Kashmiri,” he said.

The state will go to polls next month. The Election Commission has said that officials have entered the final leg of preparations for the forthcoming elections and schedule for the same would be announced soon. The Maharashtra Legislative Assembly has 288 chairs. At present, the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance enjoy the majority in the House. The current tenure of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly ends on November 9.