NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said that India’s energy future is bright and secure and energy security is one of the prime focus of the government.
Speaking virtually at the India Energy Forum, the Prime Minister laid down India’s energy map comprising seven key drivers. He said: “Like the seven horses driving the Sun god’s chariot, India’s energy map will also hav

The key drivers for change as listed by PM Modi are as follows:
* Accelerating efforts to move towards a gas-based economy;

PM Modi said the coronavirus pandemic had resulted in global energy demand falling by one-third, investment decisions being impacted and predictions of a contraction in demand over the next few years.
However, he believed that India will drive the global energy demand. “We are driving strategic comprehensive energy engagements with key global energy players.”
While the focus is to make India a gas-based economy, the nation would also be raising oil refining capacity from 250 million tonnes per annum currently to 450 million tonnes by 2025 to keep self-reliance in sync with demand, he added.